Water taxi Zürich – Limmat Boat tour – ufenau and lützelau ship

The water taxi Zürich transports guests on Lake Zurich, the Walensee, Limmat boat tours and on the Rhine to the Rhine Falls. The water taxi is especially popular in Zurich’s lake basin. You can order the taxi online or order by phone in short notice. Zürich’s water taxi’s help with the congestion in the lake basin. Enjoy the tranquility of the lake, especially in the evening enjoy a ride from the many lakeside restaurants, in the city center, with the wonderful panorama. In addition to transfer trips, tours to the Ufenau and Lützelau islands, to Rapperswil or other destinations are also offered. Are you planning a bachelor party, a company day away, a wedding or a maritime burial? Then look no further!

Water taxi Zürich – Limmat Boat tour – ufenau and lützelau ship

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Water taxi Zürich
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Limmat Boat Tours

Water taxi Zürich – Limmat Boat tour – ufenau and lützelau ship

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Lake Zurich basic prices

  • CHF 25.00 per person, minimum 3 persons (CHF 75.00).Per person min.
  • Transfer downtown to maximum Mönchhof Kilchberg CHF 175.00
  • 1/2 hour private tour CHF 150.00
  • 1 hour private tour CHF. 250.00
  • Hop in and hop out tour max 1 hour, between 10 am and 4 pm
    CHF 20.00 per person

Other prices on request. Tours start in the Zürich lake basin.


  • The trip depends on the availability of the ships. The ship cannot be chosen
  • The Skipper is responsible for the security on board. His instructions must be followed in any case
  • A reservation must be paid in advance. It is definitive as soon as we have received the payment
  • A reservation is binding
  • The trip will be done in each weather condition (exception: storm warning and strong rain by start of the trip)
  • Terms of cancellation:
    Cancellation until 15 days before the trip: CHF 50.00
    Cancellation 7 to 14 days before the trip: 50% of the total price
    Cancallation 2 to 6 days before the trip: 80% of the total price
    Less than 48 hours before the trip: 100% of the total price
  • Cancellations are generally only provided in the form of a voucher. Cash refunds are not possible. The voucher can be used for our entire range of services (rentals, cruises, shop). Please note that once issued, vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Changes of time of departure, numbers of persons a.s.o. must be given 2 hours before the trip at latest on phonenumber +41 78 730 96 00.

Here are all the Harbour points:

Hotel Storchen, Stadthaus, Limmatquai, Bauschänzli, Bürkliplatz, Schanzengraben (Bärebrüggli, Rimini), Enge, Badi Utoquai, Riesbach Harbor, Badi Mythenquai, Landiwiese, Wollishofen, Restaurant Seerose, Zürihorn (Restaurant Fischstube), Zürihorn (Restaurant Casino), Tiefenbrunnen Train Station , Schiffssteg Zollikon, Schiffssteg Küsnacht.

Zürich Lake Basin
Zürich lake basin water taxi route

Water taxi Zürich – Limmat Boat tour – ufenau and lützelau ship

Crossing the lake from Männedorf, Meilen, Herrliberg to Au, Horgen, Oberrieden
CHF 30.00 per person, minimum 4 people (CHF 120.00)

Crossing the lake from Stäfa to Wädenswil or Richterswil.
CHF 25.00 per person, minimum 3 people (CHF 75.00)

Transfers from Stäfa oder Rapperswil to the islands Ufenau or Lützelau
CHF 25.00 per person, minimum 3 people (CHF 75.00)
As from 11 pm we add CHF 10.00 per person.

Other rides or larger groups on request!

Water taxi Zürich – Limmat Boat tour – ufenau and lützelau ship