Cheap boat rental Zürich – boat rental Zürich – Kayak and SUP Rental

Looking for something different, cheap boat rental perhaps? Rent a motorboat (with or without A license) or a sailing yacht for a sunny summer trip around Lake Zurich. You can also rent accessories for waterskiing, wake boarding or simply paddle out for 2 hours with a kayak or SUP (Stand up paddle) board on the lake. Our boats may be rented with skippers. Discover the beautiful islands on Lake Zurich with a rented boat from the Segelschule Lang. A popular destination is the island of Schönenwirt with one of the most beautiful barbecue areas. Arranging a barbecue picnic for you, is well worth the fun!

Cheap boat rental Zürich – boat rental Zürich – Kayak and SUP Rental

Cheap boat Rental Zürich
Cheap Boat Rental Zürich, Wassersport & Reise GmbH, Seestrasse 27, 8712 Stäfa, + 41 44 928 18 18 for cheap boat, kayak and SUP rental

Cheap boat rental Zürich – boat rental Zürich – Kayak and SUP Rental

Boat Rental Prices:

H-Boat, Fast and comfortable sailing boat with cabin. 5 people. Equipped with spinnaker. D-license is required for the booking and only sleeps 4.

  • Half day (4 hours): CHF. 250.-
  • Full day (8 hours): CHF. 450.-
  • Full day with overnight stay CHF. 550.-
  • Deposit CHF. 300.-
H boat for rental
H Boat rental Zürich

Dyas, Sailing boat for 4 people. A D-license is required for rental.

  • 2 hours: CHF. 100.-
  • Half day (4 hours): CHF. 150.-
  • Full day (8 hours): CHF. 250.-
  • Deposit CHF. 300.-
Segelkurs für Anfänger Zürich - günstig Segeln lernen am Zürichsee - D Schein Ausbildung Schweiz
Dyas Boat rental Zürich

Motor boat – Flyer 560. Rubber Dingy for 9 people. A license required for rental. 70 hp outboard Evinrude. Water Skiing accessories may be rented with it.

  • 6 hours: CHF. 350.- 08:00 – 14:00 / 10.00 – 16:00 / 12:00 – 18:00
  • Day (8 hours): CHF. 600.- 08:00 – 16:00 / 10:00 – 18:00
  • Deposit CHF. 500.-
Motorboat Rental
Motor boat rental Zürich

SWISSCAT 20, with or without skipper. Catamaran allows 11 people. A license required for rental. 80 hp outboard. Prices below without a skipper.

  • Half day (4 hours): CHF. 350.-
  • Full day (8 hours): CHF. 600.-
  • Deposit CHF. 500.-

Cheap boat rental Zürich – boat rental Zürich – Kayak and SUP Rental

Aluminium boat, allows 4 people. No license required. 4 hp electric motor. Note: must be reserved in advance due to high request demand. Prices without driver.

  • 2 hours: CHF. 100.-
  • Half-day (4 hours): CHF. 150.-
  • Full day (8 hours): CHF. 250
  • Rent as a fishing boat (rental ship for fishing) until 12:00. CHF. 80.- (with a battery) CHF. 100.- (with two batteries)
  • Deposit CHF. 150.-

Stäfa Kayak and SUP rental, 1 or 2 seater kayaks for rent.

  • 1 h CHF. 20.-
  • Full Day CHF. 60.-

Linth Canal Kayak and SUP rental. Pick rental point in Weesen and return to Schmerikon.

  • CHF. 80.- Half day kayak
  • CHF. 80.– Half day SUP
  • Rental time from 10:00 until 15:00

Schönenwirt Kayak and SUP rental from Stäfa and we organise a picnic!

  • CHF. 60.– for half day kayak or SUP 10:00 – 15:00
  • CHF. 40.– per person for the picnic!

Lützelau island Kayak and SUP rental from Stäfa, and camp on the island of Lützelau!

  • CHF. 80.– for Kayak or SUP rental from 12:00 until 12:00 the next day.
  • With the Kayak you may visit the neighbouring island Ufenau.
Cheap boat rental Zürich – boat rental Zürich – Kayak and SUP Rental

Terms and Conditions:
Boat license Category D, respectively or the equivalent ID is required. The client must be present at the pick-up and later aboard the boat. In the event of damage, the client will lose the deposit. For gross negligence damages that our insurer refuses to pay, the client is fully liable.

A booked or reserved date may not be moved. There are exceptions due to heavy rain or storm! This is based on the forecast of Should rain be announced the day before, you may postpone free of charge for short-term rentals. Should the client cancel completely, 20% of CHF. 100.– will be charged.

Cancellations must be communicated in writing per email. Should we not find a new client for the boat, we charge the following costs: Cancellation 7 days before the rental period 50% charge, 2 days before full rental cost charged (100%).

The electricity cost of the electric motor is covered by us.

All prices are exclusive of skipper and crew rental.

Gasoline is excluded from all prices.